Läkemedelsindustrin, med sina strikta krav på renlighet, noggrannhet och kvalitet, ställer lika höga krav på sina tillverkningsmetoder. Med hjälp av den senaste tekniken inom orbitalsvetsning, avancerad fiberoptisk inspektion och gedigen dokumentation, säkerställer vi den högsta kvalitetsnivån för våra kunder.



Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves the processing of highly sensitive substances. The vessels, pipelines, and fittings used in the industry need to be impeccably welded to ensure zero contamination, leakage, and resistance to corrosive substances. Furthermore, the complex geometries and delicate nature of these components often require a welding process that offers utmost precision and control.


The TIG Welding Solution

System Welding has brought forward its expertise in TIG welding, an advanced welding process renowned for its precision and cleanliness. With the ability to control the heat input finely and a filler material that matches the composition of the parent metal, TIG welding creates high-quality, structurally sound, and visually pleasing welds that are paramount in pharmaceutical applications.



Our team performed welds on various components, ranging from processing vessels to complex pipeline systems. We implemented a comprehensive welding plan, considering factors like base material, joint configuration, and welder’s skill. The welds were performed in clean, controlled environments to minimize contamination.

Every project was documented meticulously, providing clients with detailed records, including material certificates, RA-measurements, welding lists, test protocols, and inspections. This extensive documentation ensured our clients had full visibility and trust in the quality of our work. 


By delivering high-quality, precision TIG welding services, System Welding has significantly improved the efficiency and safety of our pharmaceutical clients’ operations. The seamless, durable, and clean welds have not only ensured optimal product quality but have also enhanced the overall lifecycle of the manufacturing equipment.

In addition, our commitment to transparency and quality assurance, evidenced through comprehensive documentation, has instilled confidence in our clients and established us as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical industry.


This case highlights the critical role of TIG welding in meeting the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. System Welding continues to innovate, building on its welding expertise to help pharmaceutical companies improve their production capabilities, maintain safety standards, and deliver high-quality products.