Systemsvets inaugurates new workshop and introduces new group

"It's so exciting to finally be able to invite all our partners to our new premises here in Gothenburg. To also have the opportunity to
present our new graphic profile feels fantastic. Our new logo and website truly represent the exceptionally high competence we have within the company and some of the projects we have delivered over the years. We are incredibly proud of what we do," says Anders Kiefer, CEO of Systemsvets AB.

GOTHENBURG – On August 29, Systemsvets opened the doors to its new workshop on Hisingen in Gothenburg for an exclusive viewing. Half a year after moving to the new premises, customers and collaborators were given insight into the company's operations and production.

The day marked not only the inauguration of the new workshop but also the presentation of the newly formed group, Kiefer System Group. Systemsvets, after many successful years in welding and pipe installation, has expanded its operations by joining forces with other actors.

The purpose of this merger is to offer customers comprehensive solutions, which means easier and smoother project implementations.


Kiefer System Group now consists of Systemsvets, Systemsprinkler, and UMB Mechanical, as well as the subsidiary SA Welding Technology. The group is designed to simplify the process for customers facing larger projects and wanting to minimize the number of suppliers they need to collaborate with. With a joint mobile workshop, the group can maximize efficiency and minimize disruptions for the customer.


During the inauguration day, Systemsvets' new website was also presented, along with two films providing an overview of the company's services. With extensive experience in orbital welding and advanced pipe assembly, Systemsvets has worked on large projects for customers in the process industry, such as Certiva, Nordic Sugar, and Pfizer mdf.


Systemsprinkler also participated in the fair and talked about how they deliver reliable and safe fire protection. UMB Mechanical, with its long experience in forging and manufacturing, talked about its wide range of services. SA Welding Technology, which offers state-of-the-art welding technology and equipment, was also highlighted during the presentation.

In conclusion, the new graphic profile for Kiefer System Group was presented, where the new logo symbolizes a unified identity for all companies within the group. Systemsvets and Systemsprinkler are the first to launch their new websites, with UMB Mechanical soon to follow.

With these exciting developments, Systemsvets and Kiefer System Group look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality services and solutions to their customers.

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