Our Process

Explore our process, from assignment to documentation.


Do you have a project in mind but are unsure where to start? Perhaps you’re dealing with a difficult project that you’re hesitant to order?

No matter the situation, you can always reach out to us, and we will go through it together. We have vast experience in project planning and problem-solving.


Every project begins with a thorough review of the necessary drawings and documents required to carry out the project. This gives us a solid foundation to stand on before the project’s commencement.


Once we’ve gone through everything, a detailed project plan is written, including specifications, the designated project managers, and the materials required throughout the project.

Follow up

Large, complex projects require continuous meetings and detailed plans, updated regularly throughout the project’s duration.


We take full responsibility towards our clients and document everything regarding the work we carry out. The documentation includes material certificates, material receipt, RA measurement, welding lists, test protocols, and inspections. If needed, we also assist in establishing procedures for maintenance service and functional checks.

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