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We don’t just build facilities; we engineer the future of pharmaceutical and process manufacturing. Harnessing decades of specialized experience, cutting-edge knowledge, and unparalleled capacity, we’ve established ourselves as the leading partner in factory construction.


We understand the importance of good and meticulous documentation. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive responsibility towards our clients and document everything concerning the work we perform.


The documentation includes material certificates, material receipt, RA measurement, welding lists, test protocols, and inspection. If needed, we also assist in setting up routines for maintenance service and functional control.


Are you interested in seeing examples of our documentation? Please download pictures of our documentation below.

Kvalitet och säkerhet

We always ensure that our welders have the right competence to carry out the tasks. All our employees undergo welder qualification testing in accordance with SS-EN 287 and/or SS-EN 1418. They are specially trained under the ISO 5817 standard to ensure the quality required for welding in sensitive environments. We constantly provide training to stay at the forefront and ensure the quality of our tasks.

With the help of our fiber-optic equipment, even welding joints can be internally inspected to further guarantee meticulously carried-out work.

Monitoring a factory facility requires knowledgeable staff who know the routines to be followed in case of an incident. We have the ability to rent out fire guards who ensure that the production and systems are monitored around the clock.


SS-EN ISO 9606-1

SS-EN ISO 14732

SS-EN ISO 5817

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